So, you want to be a bullfighter​.​.​.

by American Anodyne

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TRiP86 Very good album, maybe would be described as outlaw country? Excellent songwriting, melancholy with a bit of goodtime thrown in. Favorite track: The Anniversary.
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released March 1, 2011

Erick Jones - Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
Chris Thacker - Lead Guitar, BGVs
Kevin Rainwater - Drums, Percussion, BGVs
Gregg Shapiro - Bass

All tracks were recorded at Wizkid Sound
Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Mike O'connor

Thanks to Philip Frobos for the Fender Deluxe, Andrew Rudeseal for the UA 610, Jeff Cochran for the mics, Deke Spears and Chris Unck for their contributions, and to our loving families for their continued support.


all rights reserved



American Anodyne Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Wilco Cyndi
Wilco Cyndi
By: American Anodyne

Cyndi spent all of her money trying to make it to the big time
Trying to make it to the sunshine, trying to get away from me
She packed every single belonging in an old Chevy Nova
She slammed the driver’s door, then she gave the bird to me
As that Nova sped away, throwing dust and gravel in the Georgia clay
I had a feeling that she’d be back some day
Roger wilco Cyndi, you’re coming in loud and clear
You fired off you guns and then you stowed your gear

Sixteen miles a gallon and two greasy spoons a day
That’ll eat a hole in your wallet girl and teach you to pray
Pray the transmission don’t blow, pray the fan belt holds
Al least until you’ve made your getaway
If California’s the goal, you better pray your luck don’t fold
Because high and dry won’t get you where you want to go
Roger wilco Cyndi, you’re coming in loud and clear
Tighten up that rubber band ‘til you’re away from here

Well Cyndi called last week to tell me that she made L.A.
She had stars ion her eyes and fifty bucks to her name
She said whatever you do, don’t you tell nobody that you’ve heard from me
They can find out what happened when they see me on the silver screen
Well I hope that Cyndi won’t change her name and that somehow she could just stay the same
But knowing her she’ll get caught in the Hollywood game
Roger wilco Cyndi, you’re coming in loud and clear
I don’t ever want to see that Nova back around here
Roger wilco Cyndi, you’re coming in loud and clear
You better not ever let me catch that Nova back around here
Track Name: The Anniversary
The Anniversary
By: American Anodyne

It’s a quarter to one, she pretty sure he’s not coming home
It’s OK it just might be the best gift she got today
Another circle on the calendar, but what the hell does she keep doing that for?
He’s never made any effort, never really tried to believe
She makes sure the kids are tucked in, take the bills out to the mailbox and walks back in
Hoping there’s enough left over to take ‘em for watermelon on the 4th of July
She makes sure to lock the door, but what the hell does she keep doing that for
The only one she really wants to keep out has had a key since ‘94

What she really needs, is a bottle of whiskey
And a Remington, to correct all the shit he’s done

She should’ve listened to what her momma said, “that boy’s a loser, you’ll probably end up dead,
Or at best he’ll be in jail and your kids’ll playing in my front yard.
Where’re you going be when you’re living with me, and that boy’s in County for eternity.
Then your kids are saying ‘I love you Daddy, Happy Father’s Day’ through taxpayer glass.
Is that what you want, a life of hard times? A broke down shack and counting up dimes?
Mark my words you’ll wish you listened, wish you could go back and start again.”
She used to think about getting away, now her only concern is making it through today
Tomorrow she’ll wake up and do it all again, it’s the kids that keep her moving on

What she really needs, is a bottle of whiskey
And a Remington, to correct all the shit he’s done

It’s a quarter to one, She’s pretty sure he’s not coming home
It’s OK it just might be the best gift she got today
Track Name: Wheels
By: American Anodyne

Well I guess I feel the need to confess
about all the things that lead to my emptiness
It just gets so hard to hang it in the air
When you look so pretty standing there
I might not be content it’s true
But that’s got nothing to do with you
It just that when the road starts calling
All of my resolve starts falling
I’ve got a song in my heart, it was written on the road
I’ve got a feeling I can’t shake and I can’t unload
It’s not that it’s right and it’s not that it’s wrong
It’s just so hard to day I had to put it in a song

All I really want is wheels
Someone on the slide and someone on the steel
Someone to hold the bottom down
And a long white line leading out of town
It’s not that I don’t want to hang around
And it ain’t that I don’t like this town
It’s just that when the sun breaks over those hills
All I really want is wheels

I’ve always had a problem sitting still
I don’t know what I’m looking for
And maybe never will
Every time I see a car with out of state plates
My mind starts running like an old V-8
I want dust on the windshield
And rubber on the road
Every time I think about it I want to explode
I want climb behind the wheel
Let the windows down
Put the pedal to the metal and blow this town
Put my guitar in the back and let these wheels ride
But it’s never fast enough, I’m never satisfied
Three on the tree or four or the floor
I don’t give a damn I just want one gear more
Track Name: Get in the Car Laura Jane
Get in the Car Laura Jane
By: American Anodyne

When you looked in the rearview your eyes were so wide
For your first solo trip on a long distance ride
You turned the wheels south and the engine did roar
And you swore that you’d never see Lincoln no more
Well the miles they flew by to the right of the car
You saw the Mississippi over a dark dashboard
You kept the river on the left, kept the wheat to the right
But when you pulled into Texas, you lost your wide eyes

Well now get in the car Laura Jane
This place is too wicked for a girl from the plains
Your heart is too fragile for these places and names
So get in the car Laura Jane

You blew out your tire just over the state line
No help for hours and you started to cry
Then a dented old pickup pulled off to the side
You probably knew better, but you still got inside
I told you my name and you faked half a smile
You didn’t say more than ten words for two hundred miles
I could tell you didn’t think too much of me,
But this is my truck girl, no one rides for free


Now six years have passed since you took up that load
And the years have flown by like miles on the road
It ain’t ever been good, but it ain’t always been bad
Since you got in my truck, but you don’t wish you had
So twice now you’ve run and twice now you’ve tried
Twice now you’ve called in the middle of the night
So twice now I’ve pulled you off the side of the road
And for the rest of our lives this may never get old


Well I can see that you’re tired, I can see you’re afraid
But I’m tired of your shit, I’m so tired of your ways
So get in the goddamn car
Get in the goddamn car
Get in the goddamn car…
Laura Jane
Track Name: Call My Brother
Call My Brother
By: American Anodyne

Well I’ve got me a job, nothing fancy
I’ve it since I left high school
Always pay my taxes on time
And I send my kids to school
I go to church on Sunday
Try to live by the golden rule
But sometimes I do unto others
Like I’m a golden fool
To tell the truth I don’t mean no harm
But sometimes my restless bone
Starts itchin’ and kickin’ and pokin’ and proddin’
And I’ve got to leave my home
I head on down to the watering hole
And when you hear me start to complain
If you know what’s good for you
You’ll stay out of my way

I might get drunk tonight, get in a fight
Til I hear the cops in route
Get ‘em up off their lazy asses
It’ll do ‘em some good to get out
At the end of the day in a town this size
There ain’t too much to shout about
I might just get drunk tonight
And call my brother to bail me out

Well my wife
Bless her gentle soul
She cured me of most of my wicked ways
Done her best to saved my soul
But here lately she says
It’s getting pretty old
I’m tired of praying every Sunday
To get you out of Saturday’s hole
Well I say listen woman
Don’t you worry ‘bout me
Cause ever since you had me saved
Me and Jesus are tight you see
All my sins got left in the river
And washed right out to sea
St. Peter ain’t got no problems
He ain’t got no dirt on me

Chorus, repeat chorus
Track Name: Bastard Sons of the New Depression
Bastard Sons of the New Depression
By: American Anodyne

Well I’m out of work, out of luck
Uninsured and I’m pretty much fucked
All I’ve got is my momentary redemptions
Hard times they’re going round
You can see ‘em on every face in town
Every soul seems lost in the same progression

Mother look at me now, I’m out of work and I don’t know how to get
Underpaid for all my labor
Pop if you could see me now
Caught in a world lost in regression
Another bastard son of the new depression

Hard times they’re universal
Everybody’s got ‘em, they’re going commercial
There must be profit to be made in laying blame
Every day I do what I can
but I’m like smoke in the air without any plans
and every decision I can’t make seems to fan the flames


I could take flight to another town
See all new faces and all new frowns
The same complaints in new destinations
But my grandmother still needs the grass cut
I’m happy to help, I guess it’s just her luck
That all my efforts build a monument to my frustrations

Track Name: El Dorado, Dark Blue
El Dorado, Dark Blue
By: American Anodyne

Wake up in a cold grey cell, you don’t remember your name
Wake up in your woman’s arms & you feel about the same
Everyday is the same routine, the same wretched waste of time
& if you don’t get out, you’re going to leave this world behind
Your grand plans fell apart at 17, when Jenni broke the news to you
Time to trade in that two-seater on a family sedan, El Dorado, dark blue
Instead of the wind in your hair & the open road keeping you young and alive
You got a ring, a mortgage, a stroller and a dog, and the same old 9 to 5
Punch the clock twice a day in a place where time never stops
To make the money you’ve already spent on things you never really got
& so it went year after year, piano lessons and ball games
Jenni still has the same eyes that she did, but the lines on her face have changed

I’ve been riding in a dark blue El Dorado
From 6 in the morning to the Carolina shore
I’m going to trade in this worn out pink slip on a brand new piece of mind
Put the top down, and leave the El Dorado behind

Wake up in a cold grey cell, and you don’t remember your name
Wake up in an empty bed, you were 17 just yesterday
Kids are grown they’ve got kids of their own. They don’t call too much these days
Jenni’s been gone a while now, 3 years ago come this May
For 34 years you worked a 9 to 5 til there was nothing else you could do
Don’t have the skills for anything else, its small town roots for you
When you’re all alone it’s easy to remember all the dreams that went up in flames
All the plans you forgot about when Jenni changed her name
When you start to reason it out, seems like one of two things to do
Get busy moving on, or get busy moving through
You take early retirement, half a pension’s more than enough for just you
You pack only one small suitcase, hop into El Dorado, dark blue


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